Parking & Transport


  • Public Transport is available by Sunbus Townsville, Townsville Taxis, Rideshare and E-scooter services.
  • Public car park spaces are available surrounding the centre including The Ville Resort-Casino, Coast Guard car park, Enterprise House, along the strand and Anzac Park.



There are three designated accessible parking spaces in front of the centre, and 11 designated accessible parking spaces along Entertainment Drive, next to the centre. A valid permit must be displayed. Concrete paths to the main entrance are available from both car parks.

There is a set down area with a kerb ramp and a continuous path of travel to the entrance (20m).


Access into the centre is through the Queensland Foyer at the front of the building.

There is an access ramp leading to the entrance , with gradient between 1:14 and 1:20.

Ramp access to the auditorium is available through door one and five.  Please present your tickets to the ticket collectors on these doors for further directions.


The floor surface is low pile carpet and concrete.

All stairs are non-slip and have handrails.

All changes in level are serviced by ramps.


There are designated accessible male and female toilets located in the Queensland Foyer.

Toilets are positioned slightly high (490mm).

Townsville Entertainment And Convention Centre