Food & Beverage

Public Catering

The Centre has a variety of food and beverage outlets located throughout the venue.

These outlets will open, if consistent with the nature of the event, and will provide a selection of food and beverage items for purchase with cash or eftpos.

Prices may change without notice. Current as of 1st July 2019

Our Menu

Homemade Pie of the Day  $6.50
Gorumet Sausage Roll  $6.00
Beer Battered Chips  $6.00
Pizza of the Day  $12.00
Battered Fish and Chips  $12.00
Asian Dunplings with Wasabi & soy  $11.50


Heineken  $9.00 Marborough NZ Sauvignon Blanc  $9.50 Bundy & Cola  $11.50
James squire 50 Lashes  $9.00 Creadaro 5 Tales Cabernet Sauvignon  $9.50 Jim Bean & Cola  $11.50
Great Northern Original  $7.50 Deakin Estate White Wine  $7.50 Johnnie Walker & Cola  $11.50
XXXX Gold  $7.00 Deakin Estate Red Wine  $7.50 Smirnoff Ice – Red  $11.50
Great Northern Super Crisp  $7.00 Mount Franklin Water  $4.00 Canadian Club & Dry  $11.50
Sommersby Cider  $7.50 Soft Drink 600ml  $5.00

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