Modes & Capacities

Concert Mode

In this mode, curtains are hung to black out the seating behind the stage. Portable seats are placed at floor level to create a capacity of 4,000 seats when combined with the fixed and retractable seating. Curtains can also be repositioned to provide a smaller capacity of 2,200 – 1,200 persons in a seated mode.

For standing capacity, curtains are hung to black out the seating behind the stage and the lower retractable seating is removed. The standing capacity at floor level is 2,000 persons and when added to the fixed seating provides a capacity of 4,968 persons.

When an ‘In the Round’ performance is required, the Auditorium has a seating capacity of 5,154 persons.

Convention Mode

Convention mode is created by shortening the Auditorium using curtains to a capacity of 1,768 seats. Five hundred of these seats are padded armchair seats with optional writing tablets. This seating can be adapted into numerous configurations seating up to 4,128 people in tiered and floor seating. A standard size stage can be provided at floor level and the floor carpeted to complete the setting.

Exhibition Mode

Exhibition mode is created by hanging curtains to cover all of the fixed seating in the auditorium providing 1,500sqm of column free floor space. In combination, the foyer and breakout rooms provide an additional 1,000sqm of floor space. Expansive lawned areas surround the Centre and are ideal for outdoor displays including the capacity to erect a marquee.

Banquet Mode

Exhibition mode also doubles as a pillarless ballroom of 1,500sqm providing a capacity of 800 persons for banqueting which includes a standard stage.

Townsville Entertainment And Convention Centre