PBR Australia Grand Finals


Friday 20th – Saturday 21st November 2020


This is the final and deciding chapter of the PBR year-long race for National Titles. It’s a showdown like no other – Australia’s best bull riders all eager for glory as they strive to overcome the power of the most extreme bucking bulls in a head to head battle of power, agility and the fight of the fittest 8 seconds at a time over the course of 2 nights of competition.

This is the one and only PBR Australia Grand Finals. Expect the unexpected.

Please note due to covid and social distancing restrictions tickets can only be purchased in pods of 2, 3 or 4.

Friday 20th November 2020  – Ticket Prices

Diamond  $125.00 per person

Platinum  $99.00 per person

Gold  $75.00 per person 

Silver  $55.00 per person

Bronze  $35.00 per person


Saturday 21st November 2020 – Ticket Prices

Diamond  $145.00 per person

Platinum  $125.00 per person

Gold  $85.00 per person

Silver  $65.00 per person

Bronze  $45.00 per person



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